3 things a new graduate should consider

You feel frustrated, confused and probably don’t even want to think about it.

Being a graduate is probably not what you imagined. After A Communication Degree, 3 years, 72 assignments, 8 tests and 24 exams (and an unfathomable amount of coffee). Thinking to myself yourself. Why did I even start?

Nobody told me what I should’ve done in case I stopped loving my degree. However, I have to say that the journey was pretty exciting.

During the graduation process, I learned three valuable things that I hope will be useful for you too.


Don’t Panic!

Careers adviser from Sheffield University, Marcus Zientek, said it best in this interview theguardian.com:

“Panicking doesn’t help and is unnecessary anyway. Don’t let things drift – keep calm and make a plan. Realise that you’re not deciding what to do with the rest of your life, but choosing a good next step for you.”

Makes sense, right? It is common to feel like this. If you let your fears take control, it’ll only lead to inaction. Instead, stay positive by writing down a backup plan to see what else you could do, like an internship or volunteer work.

It’s vital to set a deadline to put that plan into action.

Remember you have choices, if one door closes another will open, and if it doesn’t… then break a window! There are thousands of possibilities, you just need to make them happen.


You’re a graduate, but what really matters? Now!

In order to understand what the right choice is for you, you need to know who you are and what you want for your future.

During university your personality might change. You experience new things and rediscover yourself. So before jumping into a nine-to-five job, consider doing something to have some more ‘me’ time, like traveling. Isabelle Furth, a graduate from James Madison University, told Levo.com she went overseas even though friends and family suggested not to.

“I found a part-time job in southern Italy for a month after graduation, then travelled around Europe for another 2 months.”

When Isabelle went back home, she started looking for jobs. Eventually settling at one of the most successful PR firms in the world, Edelman.


Most of the time graduates struggle not because it is hard to find a job but because they don’t really know what they want.

Annette Briffa, Manager Director of the recruitment agency TMC, says that graduates that are not sure about what they want are less appealing for employers:

“I have to interview graduates for a lot of jobs and it’s clear some don’t know what path they want to take. It is normal to feel unsure but having no experience already puts a grad at a disadvantage. If you can portray confidence, vision and commitment then it makes you more employable. It gives the employer reasons to overlook the dreaded ‘lack of experience’.”

Trust me, I know how frustrated you feel. Take your time trying to figure out what you want for your future.

In the meantime, do something fun and inspirational!

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