The TLC philosophy

‘Caring’ can be such a cliché. We’ve all seen it thrown around, becoming hollow promises that just don’t mean anything to anyone.

So, what does it really mean to us and you?
To us, it means that each candidate has unique skills and traits which deserve to be appreciated. Every project has specific goals and constraints which need to be carefully considered.

We love making a positive difference. Selfishly, we also love hearing the elation from successful candidates and gratitude from satisfied customers.
In short, we’re not big softies, but we are tenacious and driven in making sure that all our contractors and clients receive our utmost attention, focus and dedication.

In-fact we believe this so much, we’ve emblazoned it into our core identity and it is a guiding principle when sourcing talent and fulfilling roles.


Client needs analysis

TMC is resolved to minimising error. We ensure a thorough understanding of our client’s needs.


Telephone screening

Allows us to determine if the candidates qualifications, experience and salary needs are a match.


Test process

Prior to interview each candidate is sent skills assessment testing. Testing sent is tailored to the position requirements.


Interview process

Our interviews are based around a mutually open and honest discussion.


Reference checking

Reference checking is an essential process providing another dimension to the candidate’s total profile.


Conversation and feedback

Our communication is underpinned by honesty, consideration and respect. This allows us to remain confident in our delivery and consistently provide excellent results.

how can we help you?

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Our processes are transparent, take a look for yourself!