As someone who’s been Recruiting and looking at resumes for over 25 years, I get a lot of people asking me to please tell them why their resume isn’t landing them a job.

“I have applied for so many online job postings and have not received one reply — not even a comment. I am really stuck.”

It’s not the resume that worries me. It is the fact that the applicant applied for numerous postings without a single reply. While on the surface, it may seem that the resume is the problem, applying to online job postings, even with a perfect resume can earn you silence rather than a response.

The online resume process can be a black hole. If you’re getting zero replies, it could be that you’re applying to a generic email address rather than to a person.

Some online resume applications can put a resume into a recruiting system without anyone seeing it, and may only be seen by matching the exact key words that a recruiter is looking for.

Remember, the computer will only match your resume if your key search words are matching the recruiter’s search criteria.

Obtain a direct email address, make phone calls and start maximising on building tangible connections!!


Sharon Thomas – tmcagency
Sharon Thomas has spent over 25 years recruiting qualified, professional and skilled people Australia wide.

Connect her via @sharonthomasTMC

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  • Evie Housham

    Hello, I used to be one of your temps and am looking to use my skills again. I realise that I have been out of the loop for some while and need to update my skills so what would be the best way to find out what programmes I need to polish to be most useful out there.
    I look forward to your reply.

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